[Report] Organized Medical Camp for Eye Screening of Students held at GGHS Jutal

Introduction of the Activity:
The Mehnaz Fatima Educational and Welfare Organization (MFEWO) trying to contribute their role within the capacity of the organization to eliminate root causes of visual impairment which leads to blindness or visual problems if not treated timely.
For this purpose, MFEWO alternatingly organize awareness sessions and Medical camps to sensitize and aware communities about the subject and propose early interventions and procedure by medical professionals, as we believe “Precaution is better than cure”.
Usually in most of the visual issues which arise due to poor hygiene practices by individuals and family members. Therefore, the execution of this theme activity was, to promote better hygiene practice at individual, family, school, community level and particularly divert parents’ attention towards hygiene of children with special needs. In the same way, another objective of this activity was, to ensure the understanding of precautionary measures for eye related issues and develop sense of early interventions.
To accomplish the above mentioned objectives Mehnaz Fatima Educational & Welfare Organization MFEWO organized medical camp for eye screening held at Government Girls High School Jutal through community intervention for children with disabilities project by CICD trainers. The core objective of said activity as under:

Objectives of the Activity:

  1. To orient about MFEWO and CICD project interventions.
  2. To sensitize community about early intervention and eye care.
  3. To discuss importance of better hygiene practices.
  4. To conduct medical camp for eye screening by eye care professionals.
  5. To suggest eye care interventions as per need for prevention.


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