Focal Persons Presentation to the Graduates of Karakorum International University (KIU)

In pursuant to MoU signed on 17th April 2018 between Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) and Karakorum International University (KIU) the focal persons and the representatives of both the organizations held meeting on 16th May 2018. The agenda of the meeting was to define certain steps and plan activities to implement the agreement in actual. As a kick start one of the activities planned was to present the concept of Inclusive Education to the graduates of KIU by the focal persons of MFF as a Guest Speaker on 25th May 2018. In addition, MFF will be accommodating and facilitating 27 Graduates of KIU from 17th May till 5th June 2018 for their practicum and observations as part of their course.

The Coordinator CICD Mr. Khadim Ali Hassan presented the concept of Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation in Seminar Hall Education department at KIU. The presentation covered the key concept of Inclusive Education specifically in the context of MFF practices and practical experiences in rehabilitation and community services. The main objectives of the session was:

  •  To sensitize participants regarding the need of Inclusive Education in the main stream Education.
  •  To Introduce the MFF Inclusive Education System and CICD project.
  • To create Awareness regarding Aziz Ali F. Mohammed Rehabilitation Centre and provision of services at MFF.
  •  Orientation of MFF practices and its contribution in providing meaningful life to the Children with Special Needs in Gilgit region.
  • Opportunities for KIU graduates for Community Service through CBRRCs and Aziz Ali F. Mohammed Rehabilitation Centre at MFF.

Session was attended by CEO Mr. Abbas, Academic Head Ms. Amina, KIU Graduates (94 Male/Female) and faculty of Education department KIU . The knowledge and information shared by MFF through this platform was highly appreciated by the participants. Moreover, they took this opportunity to harness community service opportunities through CBRRCs and Aziz Ali F. Mohammed Centre at MFF. The session concluded via vote of thanks by HoD Dr. Dilangaiz Department of Education KIU.