[Report] Organized Medical Camp for Eye Screening of Students held at GGHS Jutal

Introduction of the Activity: The Mehnaz Fatima Educational and Welfare Organization (MFEWO) trying to contribute their role within the capacity of the organization to eliminate root causes of visual impairment which leads to blindness or visual problems if not treated timely. For this purpose, MFEWO alternatingly organize awareness sessions and Medical camps to sensitize and […]

[Report] Provision of Assistive devices for children with special needs

Introduction: Mobility of children with special needs can be enhanced and improved through provision of assistive devices. Therefore, Mehnaz Fatima Foundation trying to fulfill the need of Children with Special Needs through community intervention for children with disabilities CICD project since 2006. CICD team distributed various type of assistive devices among 12 children with special […]

[Report] Distribution of Hygiene Kits among the vulnerable children with special needs

Introduction of the Activity: The main theme of this activity was, to include vulnerable group of children with special needs in ‘Eid celebrations through distribution of Hygiene Kits as Eidi (Eid gift). The underlying purpose is to promote better hygiene practices within the family and to divert parents’ attention towards hygiene of their children with […]

Report on Annual Parents Day (APD)

On May 12, 2018 Mehnaz Fatima Educational and Welfare Organization (MFEWO) celebrated its Annual Parent Day (APD) and 20 Years of Excellence. This event was attended by approximately 2200 guests including VIPs of Gilgit-Baltiatan Government, Directorate of Education Gilgit-Baltistan, representatives of Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and faculty of Karakorum International University (KIU). The key theme of […]

Student Leadership

Student Leadership Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) is providing opportunities to its students to practice the targeted leadership skills by involving them in multiple committees like library committee, event committee, and assembly committee and so on along with teachers as their facilitators. It is also proposed that students as consumers of education are entitled to participatory […]

Inauguration of Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Centre (CBRRC)

Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) inaugurated Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Centre (CBRRC) in Danyor on April 17, 2018 with collaboration and support of community of Danyor and Local Support Organization (LSO). Patrons’ Mehnaz Fatima Foundation Dr. Zeba Rasmussen, Mr. Steve Rasmussen, Mr. Amjad Arbab (BoD Member MFF), AKRSP representatives, senior management of MFF and Mothers of […]

Miss Jennifer Inclusive Education Expert visit

Miss Jennifer Shields the Inclusive Education expert at University of Toronto, Canada offered her voluntary services to train the MFF teaching staff. We are highly obliged and thankful to Jennifer for sharing her wisdom and knowledge. We are looking forward to continue our collaboration with Inclusive Education experts like Jennifer to improve our practices further. […]