MOU between MFF and Karakoram International University

MFF and KIU have common visions of a sustainable future and complementary missions both MFF and KIU wish to initiate effective cooperative relationships that will have positive impacts on academic research, and recognize the value of strengthened institutional and program collaboration in this regard.
Whereas both MFF and KIU have the capacity to enter into an understanding and that their respective Chief Executive Officers / Vice Chancellor have the authority to approve, sign and supervise implementation of agreements for their respective institutions; Therefore, MFF and KIU inspired by their common objectives to strengthen a cooperative relationship to achieve common strategic objectives of building capacity and sharing knowledge, set forth in this Memorandum of Understanding.

“To develop collaboration between KIU and MFF through joint research projects, sharing knowledge and building capacities to create an enabling environment for improved teaching learning practices.”


Inauguration of Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Centre (CBRRC)

Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) inaugurated Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Centre (CBRRC) in Danyor on April 17, 2018 with collaboration and support of community of Danyor and Local Support Organization (LSO).

Patrons’ Mehnaz Fatima Foundation Dr. Zeba Rasmussen, Mr. Steve Rasmussen, Mr. Amjad Arbab (BoD Member MFF), AKRSP representatives, senior management of MFF and Mothers of Children with Special Needs were the distinguished guests.
This community center will provide space for mothers having Children with Special needs to gather for Therapy services offered by Mehnaz Fatima Foundation for rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs. This centre will also work as a resource centre for human resource development in basic therapy services.

Miss Jennifer Inclusive Education Expert visit

Miss Jennifer Shields the Inclusive Education expert at University of Toronto, Canada offered her voluntary services to train the MFF teaching staff. We are highly obliged and thankful to Jennifer for sharing her wisdom and knowledge. We are looking forward to continue our collaboration with Inclusive Education experts like Jennifer to improve our practices further.


Tree plantation at MFEWO

Every year the tree plantation is organized at MFEWO to spread awareness in students. The main focus is to let the students know the importance of Trees in our lives.


Here are some benefits of trees.
Financial and Social Benefits

  • Research shows that planting trees and landscaping a home can add significantly to property values – as much as 9%.
  • By planting as few as three trees around a property, the average household can cut energy costs by $100 to $250. By planting a few more as windbreakers, businesses can save much more — up to 25% of their heating costs.
  • Trees reduce crime: Apartment buildings with modest greenery had 42% fewer crimes – 52% fewer when there was lots of greenery — than those without any trees.

Environmental Benefits

  • The net cooling effect of a young tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.
  • The canopy of leaves reduces water runoff and prevents soil erosion which improves the water quality in the community.
  • Trees improve air quality – and reduce noise pollution.